3 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Finances While On-the-Go

Cell phone, mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone — whatever we call it, it can be as distracting as it is helpful. One way it’s super helpful is keeping you close to your finances.


1.) Say goodbye to security woes

Despite all of the data breaches in the past few years, mobile banking actually is a fundamentally secure platform. Data transmitted from your phone to your provider is heavily encrypted. In most cases, if you lose your phone, it can be remotely deactivated and passwords usually aren’t even stored on the device.

2.) Check your balance any time

Rather than waiting for your paper statement or booting up the PC to check your account balances, you can view transactions while waiting for a movie or in line at a restaurant — and stay vigilant against unauthorized account access.

The convenience of mobile banking also can keep you from making costly mistakes. You can see if your monthly rent has been withdrawn from your account to avoid the costly fees associated with an overdraft.

Errors like accidental overpayment, duplicate payments are caught and fixed more quickly when you’re viewing your account more often.

3.) 24-hour-a-day instant access

Can’t remember if you paid a bill? Use our mobile app to check your balance and transaction history. See if a payment has cleared. Make sure your balance is safe.

Mobile banking won’t replace traditional, face-to-face interaction. There always will be a place in credit union service standards for human interaction. What mobile banking apps offer is a wonderful supplement to those high-quality services: convenience, top-level security and blissful peace of mind are all available from your pocket, anywhere in the world.