Fraud Proofing Your Purse or Wallet

Is your wallet cluttered with loyalty cards, coupons, store credit cards and ID cards? An over-stuffed wallet is a hassle to carry — and it may make identity theft easier.


Some things should never be in your purse or wallet. If you see these items as you’re trimming down your daily carry, take them out immediately.

1.) Your Social Security card
Thieves can use your Social Security card to apply for all kinds of unsecured debt in your name — and replacing it is a hassle. Instead of your wallet, put it in a secure location in your home, like a lock box.
2.) Receipts
This is an easy way to accumulate clutter. Be selective about which receipts you keep. Thieves can use the last four digits of your credit card number on a receipt to build a profile of your purchases, and phish for more information with a merchant who has the card on file, like a cable company or an online retailer.
3.) Tons of credit cards
If your wallet or purse is stolen, each one of those cards has to be canceled individually. Thin your collection down to those that can be widely used, provide the lowest fees and best acceptance rates. Store the others safely at home — or cancel them.

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It’s time to think about what’s tucked into your purse or wallet. What items make your “essential carry” list, and what can you safely leave behind? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.