Can Living Frugally Make You Happier Than Living Lavishly?

We all know that money can’t buy happiness. And yet, many people overspend on a lifestyle they believe will make them happy – only to rack up thousands of dollars in debt…which leads to stress, worry and unhappiness. Maybe living frugally can make you happier than living lavishly?


Living frugal doesn’t mean going without — it’s more about using your money wisely. It can be really easy to forego the monthly cable subscription knowing that $200 goes toward saving for a dream vacation or a new home.

Here’s how to get started:

Start small
Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish, how much money you’ll need to achieve it and make a plan. Determine which expenses you can live without. Instead of buying gourmet drive-thru coffee, brew your own at home. Take your lunch to work more than you eat out. Make a weekly meal plan and cook your meals at home. Then watch the savings add up.

Consolidate debt
If you owe on multiple credit cards, consider consolidating them into one loan or into a single, lower-interest credit card to save on interest charges. Check out City CU’s low-interest credit card with no balance transfer fee. After you consolidate your credit card debt, keep your your oldest card, use it infrequently and close all others.

Stretch your money
Use your grocery store’s app to find coupons and sales. Buy in bulk at warehouse stores. Shop sales and discount stores.

Give frugal living a try! You have nothing to lose but debt – and only happiness to gain!