Do Your Finances Make You Want to Scream?

As Halloween gets closer and you want to avoid the chilly darkness of October evenings, grab a blanket and stream a marathon of scary movies. Horror flicks are classic fun – because you all know what’s going to happen next. They follow a simple formula, but it works. The same is true when it comes to your finances:

  • Spend less than you earn, pay off debt and invest your money wisely. Let’s try applying the scary movie formula to your finances so you’ll never have that heart-racing moment of panic when you check your balances again.
  • The scary cat. In the first 15 minutes of classic horror movies, our protagonist gets startled by a cat. Like the scary cat, does every market hiccup cause you to change strategies? Are you yanking money out of savings to throw at the stock market (or vice versa) every year? It’s time to get past that initial scare. The market isn’t going to kill you overnight, just like it won’t make you rich overnight.
  • If you want to develop a plan with which you can feel safe during the scary cat moments, give our financial expert, D Newkirk a call at (214) 319-3044. If you want to do it yourself, we can get you into a safe plan for saving with a money market account, which can help balance the risk of your other investments. Contact us via Live Chat.
  • We always get a few establishing shots of the victim’s house early in the movie, which shows us that this house is enormous enough for a final-reel chase scene with the killer. Do you have too much house? Are you cleaning extra bedrooms you don’t use? Maybe it’s time to simplify. You can sell that house and move into something a little sleeker and use your windfall to put in all of the custom features you’ve ever wanted on that new house. Give us a call to find out how we can help you sell your old home and find a new one.
  • If you want to kill a scary movie monster, you can’t do anything that the protagonist does in a scary movie. After all, the scary movie wants to make a sequel, but that’s the last thing you want out of your debt. Instead, let’s adapt a strategy from the Terminator: An unkillable robot from the future can’t stand up to a vat of molten steel. You need to submerge your debts in one large vat that can consume them all: turn all of your high-interest, variable-rate, hidden-fee credit card debts into one simple, low-interest, fixed-rate home equity or debt consolidation loan with City CU. The first step is filling out an application here.

Hopefully, your finances aren’t a horror movie. If they are, call us at (214) 515-0100 or contact us via Live Chat. With a little help, your money can look more like a swords-and-sorcery epic: everyone’s a hero, and everyone gets a happy ending.