Holiday Peace… In The Family

WHILE WORLD PEACE WOULD BE WONDERFUL, sometimes it seems more likely that there would be peace among the rest of the world than within our own families.

Use these tips and ideas, based on David Lieberman’s book, “Make Peace with Anyone,” to avoid conflict completely, and/or make it right once it happens:

Fact #1 – When someone feels good about themselves, they tend to stay in a good mood.
Fact #2 – No one feels good about themselves 100% of the time, but when you show respect or appreciation to a person, they feel good and you’re the one who boosted their self-esteem.
Fact #3 – You can do what feels good, what looks good or what IS good. Doing good will build your self-respect.
Fact #4 – Deep down, all humans crave respect and appreciation. When we don’t get it, things start to unravel.
Fact #5 – You can quickly make peace between yourself and others, or between two estranged people, if you’re ready to make the effort and your motivations are right.
Fact #6 – There’s no fight like a family fight. Inter-family conflict is normal. With the right strategies, you can make peace in any situation.



  • Greet each person with warmth and enthusiasm. If your eyes light up when they come in the room, they suddenly feel fabulous…and are less likely to get into an argument.
  • Give people your full attention when talking to them. Be completely present. This shows tremendous respect.
  • Judge each person favorably. This makes slip ups or mistakes easy to overlook.
  • Be proactive. Let each person know that you appreciate them: for coming, for their gift (be effusive!), for the person they are, and for what they add to the family.
  • Allow each person to give. If someone offers to bring something, suggest wine, flowers or extra to-go containers.

While this may not be financial advice, we believe in people helping people. Follow these tips to have a peaceful holiday party!