How to Shop for Fall on a Budget


One of the best things about fall is breaking out the sweaters, scarves and jackets. If re-discovering your winter wardrobe makes you want to go shopping, hold off a bit and follow these money-saving tips:

1.) Layer up
Don’t pack your summer clothing yet. Save tank tops and summer vests for layering up in colder weather. Wear a long-sleeved T-shirt under a dress and add leggings and boots to make it warmer.
2.) Take inventory
Go through your closet before hitting the mall. See what you saved from last year and then make a list of what you need.
3.) Shop the sales
Take advantage of fall’s many holidays and the specials on Veterans Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s often worth waiting for the next holiday to buy what you need.
4.) Shop online – without paying shipping
Online shopping can be significantly cheaper than retail stores – until you tack on $9.99 for shipping. Beat the system by looking for free shipping on sites like, or by taking advantage of the free in-store pickup that many retailers offer.
5.) Time it right
There’s a season for every purchase. If you wait until a specific item goes on sale, you’ll save big. For instance, jeans always get marked down in October and last winter’s boots show up on sales racks at the end of September. Also, winter coats go on sale after Christmas.
6.) Shop the overstock
Stores that specialize in deeply-discounted merchandise, like DSW and Marshalls, can be a terrific source for name-brand clothing at lower prices. These stores are especially beneficial for stocking up on basics. Similarly, check out secondhand stores and sites like for incredible deals on stuff you need.

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