Save Watts For What Matters Most

Texas summers mean high electric bills. Our energy saving tips can save you money all summer long! So save your watts for what matters most:

  • Turn your ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise.
  • Use shades, blinds, and drapes for climate control.
  • Grill out more often. Using your oven in the summer heats up your home and makes your A/C unit to work harder.
  • Open all your inside doors so that cooled air can flow freely throughout your house.
  • Use copper bottom pots and pans: they use heat more efficiently when cooking.
  • Air dry your heavy blankets and sheets.
  • Reduce your water heater temperature from 140 to 120 degrees. This saves you energy and money while still keeping water hot enough for laundry and showers.
  • When purchasing new appliances, look for the “Energy Efficient” label.
  • Use solar outdoor lights.
  • Dust the coils behind your refrigerator.
  • Unplug battery chargers that are not in use and set your computer to sleep during times of inactivity.
  • If using your dishwasher, let your dishes air dry.

Saving watts

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