Savvy Is the New Cool

Remember in high school when everyone wanted to have the same pair of brand shoes, the same hairstyle and the same backpacks? Some things never change, especially when your kids are begging for the latest trends. We’re here to break the cycle by making savvy the new cool!

  • Being a little different sets you apart from the rest and saving money makes you smarter than the rest, so skip department stores and find unique things at local discount retail stores.
  • Those shoes are cool but the price, not so much. Shop on sites like Amazon or eBay for a cooler deal.
  • When did school supplies get so expensive? Get more bargain for your buck at the dollar store.
  • Check last year’s school supplies. Perhaps the backpacks are still in good shape or their uniforms have a few months left in them before they’re outgrown.


Last, use this shopping experience to teach your kids about the importance of being resourceful and saving money. It’ll be a lesson not offered in school.