You Asked, We Answered: City CU's Q&A

While shopping over the weekend your City CU debit card did not work. You logged into your City CU Online Banking and had more than enough funds to complete your transaction. Seems like you may have a locked or frozen debit card.

Here’s why:

  • You may have missed a Fraud Alert call. A Fraud Alert call is made to report any suspicious activity that raised a red flag. For example, an unauthorized purchase in another state when you just used your debit card at a local grocery store.

Here’s who to contact:

  • If you missed this call and your debit card is inaccessible, visit our website’s Live Chat or call us at (214) 515-0100. Our Associates will explain the situation and release your debit card if it is not compromised.
  • If during this call a City CU Associate finds your debit card has been compromised, our City CU Associate and Fraud Department will work to secure your City CU account and debit card.
  • If your City CU credit card has been compromised, please call (888) 305-1063

To report your City CU debit card or credit card lost or stolen, contact City CU’s Live Chat via or call (214) 515-0100: press 2 (for all other questions), press 2 again (for questions about your debit or credit card).

For tips on how to protect your City CU account, visit our Security Center.