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Card Management

The City CU mobile app enables you to manage various features of your City CU debit and credit cards.

You'll Want to Know These Options 

It's super easy to do things from the app like:

  • Activate your card - credit and debit
  • Create or change your card PIN
  • Report card lost or stolen
  • Add your card to Apple/Google/Samsung Pay
  • View your credit card payment status, available credit and statement
  • View uChoose Rewards®, redeem points and shop

Notify Us When You're Traveling

Use the app to let us know when you'll be out of town to avoid a transaction being declined.

Control Your Card

Manage card with controls and alerts - turn your card on and off, set spending limits, restrict where your card can be used and get alerts for card use.

View Card Details

See all the details of your card - full number, name on the card, security code and expiration date - without having the physical card in hand.

Track Your Transactions

Identify and track card transaction details, whether approved or declined. 


Spend Summary

View how your card is used, for what, where and when, to manage spending more effectively.



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