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The easiest way to pay your loan is to set up an ACH payment. You can automatically pay a City CU loan from another financial institution every month.

Or, you can make single payments every month by calling us or clicking the "Make a Loan Payment" on our web site or in online banking. Here are a few different ways you can make a loan payment. You can use shared branch, ACH deposits, direct deposit or make a loan payment on our website.

Because we take member security very seriously, we ask for your password again when you initiate a fund transfer. We always want to verify that it’s you making those transfers.

There are a lot of factors involved in this. First, different financial institutions transfer and receive electronic funds on different schedules. Then, the Federal Reserve - which is like a middleman in this funds transfer process - releases funds to different financial institutions on yet another schedule.

Some financial institutions show that payroll deposit before it's actually processed by the Federal Reserve - it's like crediting the funds to you before the paycheck clears.

City CU's policy is to hold deposits until the specific settlement date designated by the payee (e.g., your employer or the government for Social Security payments).

We take member security very seriously and always want to make sure you're the one accessing your account. This secondary code is called two-factor authentication and is common in internet security. 

When you're on our website, find "Services" on the top navigation menu, then hover over "Services" to see the mega menu. In the center column, under "Other Services," you'll see "Check Reorder." Click on this and follow the prompts.


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