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ATM Security

  • City CU recommends basic safety precautions when using an ATM or night deposit facility.

  • Prepare for ATM transactons prior to approaching the ATM or night deposit facility.

  • Retain your receipts. Do not lend your debit card to anyone and do not leave your card or any other documents at the ATM or night deposit facility.

  • Treat your debit card the same as cash and keep it in a secure location.

  • Keep your PIN secret and memorize it. Do not give anyone information regarding your card or PIN over the phone.

  • When using an ATM, place your body in a position to prevent others from observing your PIN when entered.

  • At any ATM or night deposit facility, look out for any suspicious activity near the facility and make sure all approaches to the facility are well lit.

  • Conceal cash received from the ATM to the best of your ability and count it after you have left the ATM.

  • If anyone offers assistance while you are at an ATM, do not accept it. If you have started a transaction, consider canceling the transaction and leaving the ATM location.

  • If the ATM card reader or keypad seems to have been tampered with, do not insert your card.

  • Compare your receipts with your monthly statement and notify us immediately if you suspect that an error or unauthorized transaction has occurred.

  • In the case of a lost or stolen debit card, please contact City CU immediately at (214) 515-0100.

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