Use Popmoney® to send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone.

Popmoney® is part of our Online Banking — so if you’re enrolled in Online Banking, you’re ready to send or receive money.

Easy to send money.

When you send money to someone, they receive an email or text message with the amount and a link to receive the money. If they are new to Popmoney®, an invitation to sign up for the service will be included. All information is saved, so the next time you send money to this person, you can select their name from your send list.

Easy to claim money.

If this is your first time getting money with Popmoney®, you will receive an invitation via email or text message to enroll in the service. The invitation includes the amount the person is sending you and a secure transaction code.

If you are enrolled in Online Banking through City CU:

  • Go to www.citycu.org
  • Log into Online Banking and click Pay People
  • Read the welcome message, and click Continue
  • Click Get Money (in the Get Money box near the top of the page).
  • Enter the transaction code and your email address or mobile number, based on how you were notified
  • Click Get Money

If you are not enrolled in Online Banking through City CU:

  • Go to www.citycu.org
  • Under Online Banking (top of page), click Register
  • Follow the steps to register your account
  • Once complete, follow the steps in the section above to access PopMoney®