As a part of City CU’s commitment to education, we offer free financial counseling and educational classes for Members and Non-Members. These services are free to anyone interested in learning to manage their finances. City CU is here to make the difference for you.

January 2017

Financial decisions aren’t something that should be taken lightly. Every decision you make can have a positive or negative impact towards your future financial health. City CU wants to help you succeed by offering monthly tips that will help guide you on the right path. Check back for monthly updates.

Debt Free

There are many ways you can achieve financial freedom and City Credit Union can help get you on the right track. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • How much do you spend? Housing, food, fuel, debt…….don’t forget about things like car maintenance and doctors visits.
  • How much can you save? Paying yourself first is the quickest and easiest way to build a cushion for emergencies or fun.
  • How much extra you can pay on debt? Paying off your small balance credit cards can free up extra cash to pay down your car or mortgage a little faster

In this Dollars and Sense Minute commercial, City CU President, and CEO, Sharon Moore, shares tips on how to become debt free in 2017.

Holiday Hangover

Even the most positive attitude can be countered with the arrival of your bills in January. That can be a holiday hangover that hurts worse than the one on January 1st! Here are some tips to help you recover:

  • Establish a budget for the New Year. Sticking to your budget will get you back in financial shape in no time at all.
  • Consider consolidating your credit cards into one low-rate credit card. You’ll save some interest in the long run and even earn some reward points!
  • Start Preparing Your Taxes. A nice tax refund can help get rid of that Holiday Hangover quickly and even get you started on reducing debt.
  • Start your Christmas shopping early. Take advantage of clearance sales and other discounts throughout the year to help with next year’s budget.

In this Dollars and Sense Minute commercial, City CU President, and CEO, Sharon Moore, discusses ways to recover from the Holiday Hangover.

75th Anniversary

City Credit Union is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2017 and that’s pretty cool on its own. Our Anniversary plans included the usual new logo, shirts for our team, and some party plans. But an idea to practice Random Acts of Kindness as part of our anniversary celebration touched me…….and that idea has taken off! We want you to join us in practicing Random Acts of Kindness and supporting four charities during the year.

In this Dollars and Sense Minute commercial, City CU President and CEO, Sharon Moore, discusses City Credit Union’s 75th Anniversary.

Random Acts of Kindness

Between distracted drivers and road construction, every day’s commute is a new challenge in swear words and prayers, sometimes in the same sentence! So let’s try something new this month……..Let ‘Em In! We know they should have merged a mile ago, but just this once, Let ‘Em In. Same goes for the store check-out line….if they have less than you or even if they don’t, Let ‘Em In. Just think if we all do this just one time this month, how much better our commute and our community will be. That one Random Act of Kindness may work wonders.

In this Dollars and Sense Minute commercial, City CU President, and CEO, Sharon Moore, discusses how random acts of kindness can make help make other people’s lives better.