Fraud Tips

Fraudsters continue to find new ways to commit theft -- so you need to be the first line of defense.

The most important thing to do is stay aware. Monitor your accounts, shred paperwork (better yet, sign up for electronic statements) and never, ever give your user name and password to anyone.

So along with the above, here are ways safeguard yourself to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Keep your phone and email info updated so card issuers can contact you (you can update your City CU account via online banking)
  • Use biometrics -- like fingerprint or facial recognition -- to log into your accounts
  • Protect your devices with the latest browsers and software updates
  • Know the red flags for scams: like strangers pressuring you to send money, buy gift cards or deposit a check

City CU monitors our Members’ accounts to prevent fraud, and our Advantage Checking includes identity theft monitoring and resolution services. 

Stay safe!