Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®

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This month, City CU has partnered with Buckner’s Shoes for Orphan Souls to collect 5,000 athletic shoes for the vulnerable and underserved children of our communities.

Children in many parts of the world face daily challenges prohibiting them from getting an education, proper health care and nutrition. A pair of athletic shoes will make an impactful difference to a child, facilitating their chances of going to school and hopefully rising out of poverty.

How you can make the difference:
Buckner asks for athletic shoes for boys and girls, sizes 1-5 and men sizes 7-8. New socks are also welcome.

Collection boxes are at all our branch locations for drop off, or if you would prefer to make a monetary donation, click here.

Learn more about City CU’s Random Acts of Kindness here.

#National Get Over it Day

Spent a little too much last weekend? Maybe you’re still playing catch up from Christmas? It’s National Get Over it Day and we can help you get back on track to financial well-being. Here are a few tips to help you… get over it:

  • Out of sight, out of mind. Set up an automatic transfer from your checking to a savings account. When your paycheck arrives, a portion of your income automatically is saved. You’ll be surprised how this can build up over time.
  • Set up a monthly budget that includes your discretionary spending like haircuts, lunches out and pet care.
  • Get over the term “cheap.” Saving a few dollars for family’s future isn’t “cheap” – it’s “smart.”

Learn more about Budgeting here.

National Get Over it Day

Popmoney® Has Your Back

You thought there were no remaining “cash only” restaurants and all you have is plastic. Hey, your good friend has your back and you have hers, too – with Popmoney® you can pay her back in minutes. All you need is her email address or mobile number. Try it today through your City CU online banking account.


How does Popmoney work?

Sending Money
To send money, log in to your City CU online banking account and look for Popmoney under the “Pay People” tab. Enter the amount, select the send date and the City CU account you wish to send your funds from. You will be notified when the transaction is completed.

Receiving Money
When someone sends money to you, you will receive an email or text message.
You can log in to your account and direct the funds there. Money sent directly to an account will be automatically deposited. No action is required by the recipient.

Now enjoy your girl’s night out: Popmoney has you covered!

To learn about other Mobile Services click here.

When the Unexpected Happens

You come home to find water in your living room. Guess that leaky washer finally died. Rather than worry about how to pay for damages and repairs, apply for a City CU Home Equity Loan. Home Equity is defined as 80% of the current value of the home minus any liens. We can determine your equity and provide quick approval.

Best of all, you can use a home equity loan for anything – home repairs or re-decorating, pay off higher-interest debt or to fund a family vacation.

City CU’s Home Equity Loan benefits:

  • No origination fee
  • Low, fixed rates
  • Easy online application
  • Easy payment options
  • Cash deposited directly into your City CU account

It’s that simple! So grab your swimsuit and enjoy an outdoor pool while City CU’s Home Equity Loan deals with the one in your living room.

Learn more about City CU’s Home Equity Loans here.


Shop with Apple Pay

Did you know you can now shop effortlessly with Apple Pay?

City CU has you covered when it comes to convenience and smart financial management! With Apple Pay you can make a purchase at any vendor who supports Apple Pay by simply using your iPhone*. Here are a few easy steps to help you get started:

1. Decide which debit, consumer credit card or business card you want to use.
2. Access your iPhone and find the Wallet icon.
3. Continue by selecting “Add Credit or Debit Card.”
4. Enter your card information manually or align your plastic card to the screen capture.
5. Once submitted confirm your card information.
6. Review “Terms and Conditions.”
7. If you agree with the “Terms and Conditions,” select “Agree.”

That’s it! With Apple Pay, you’ll be on your way to shop without carrying a wallet.


*Apple Pay is dependent on specific hardware built into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. An iPhone 5 owner can use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch. Without an Apple Watch, the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s cannot make Apple Pay payments.

Spring into Clean Finances with City CU

Have you started spring cleaning? You clean, toss and organize. You can do the same with your finances too! Here’s how:


  • Keep your credit report a clean by setting up auto pay through your checking account. You’ll conveniently pay bills and never be late again.
  • Multiple credit cards? Pay off that high-interest card first.


  • Shred your sensitive documents before disposing of them.
  • Cancel monthly charges you don’t use or can do without; unused gym membership, entertainment memberships or downgrade from that expensive cable bill.


  • If your finances have changed, consider looking over your beneficiaries, retirement contributions and other investments.
  • Make a spreadsheet and track daily expenses to see where your money is going.
  • Create an ICE file (In Case of Emergency). Store files that contain important account numbers, login IDs and passwords in case something happens to you. Keep in a safe or other secure location.

Learn more about City CU’s financial education here.

Get on the Road with a City CU Auto Loan!

Have you heard? Interest rates may be going up. Now is the time to get on the road with a City CU auto loan!

  • Rates as low as 1.99% APR*
  • 90 days NO payment
  • Apply in 60 seconds

Apply Now

Show off your new and affordable ride with a City CU Selfie on Facebook and Twitter! #CityCUSelfie @Citycu


*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). For qualified borrowers only. Rates and terms may change without notice. Advertised rate is for up to a 60-month term. Interest continues to accrue daily. Some restrictions apply. See credit union for details. Federally insured by NCUA.

Spring Break Deal Breakers

Spring Break is filled with the sounds of kid’s laughter, carnivals and splashes in the pool. Sounds like money leaving your wallet!

A few tips to avoid Spring Break becoming a deal breaker:

  • Consider a staycation and visit local museums, zoos and theme parks
  • Create a budget and for all your travel expenses: Gas, lodging and food – plus tickets and souvenirs.
  • Find a hotel room with a microwave and fridge to save on meals and snacks.
  • Stay within your means. Choose a trip you can afford and you’ll avoid the stress after your vacation.

Learn more about Financial Education here.


Two-Factor Authentication

You’re sitting at your local café and you get a text alert. A code to authenticate new account access on a new device? But you haven’t tried to access your City CU Account on any new device.

Well there’s no need to worry. City CU has a new account security feature called Two-Factor Authentication. If an unauthorized user tries to access your account on a new device, they are two factors out of luck! So sit back and enjoy your latte, your City CU Account is safe with us.


City CU's Furry Pals Thank You!

In February, City CU and our Members collected for our local animal shelters. Together we collected over 145 pounds of dog and cat treats, pet beds, blankets, and cleaning supplies for North Texas’ Operation Kindness. Our Gainesville branch kindly donated $250 along with items collected during the month of February for Noah’s Ark.

Our charitable contributions also included Grayson County’s ARF House and Ellis County’s SPCA.

Thank you for helping City CU make the difference!

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