Hey Kids, Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!

You’re driving home and the kids ask for fast food. At the grocery store, they want snacks and at the mall, they beg for toys. Rather than lose your patience – and your wallet – make a plan to educate your kids about financial management.

  • Use an allowance. For example, start with $10-$20 every two weeks. Explain their allowance is to spend on those extra things they want, and once their allowance is gone, they’re out of funds until the next two weeks. This will let them know their funds are limited.
  • If your child is old enough to earn money, pay them to mow the lawn, walk the dog or help with the laundry.
  • Explain the difference between a want and a need, and how to prioritize purchases. As they begin to spend their allowance, they’ll learn to make smarter decisions. A $3 mobile game or a new $3 pen for school?
  • Encourage your child to save. Cash gifts and babysitting pay will add up in a savings account. They’ll see the efforts are rewarding.
  • You can also help explain how credit/debit cards work since they are probably used to seeing you use them. Get creative and make a “mom bank” credit card and set an allowance limit.
  • Last, make it fun! If your child is too young to have real money, find play money at toy stores or dollar stores to teach them.

Apply the ideas you find beneficial and watch your kids make smart decisions with their money. You’ll also be giving them an opportunity at a rewarding financial future.


For more financial education, click here.

Save The Date, We're Celebrating You!

City CU invites you to join us to celebrate you on Member Appreciation Day! We’re so excited to show you how thankful we are for your loyal Membership and for allowing us to help make the difference in your financial well-being.


Join us for food, prize drawings, giveaways and more!

Come to one of our City CU branches from 10am – 4pm to celebrate you:

  • Friday, April 21
  • Friday, June 23
  • Thursday, August 24
  • Thursday, October 1

Who Has The Better Car?

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  • New, used or refinance
  • Easy online application
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  • City CU Associates guide you through the car-buying process

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Can Your Finances Take You There: College Living

You’re lying there in your dorm, daydreaming of where you want to go: backpack through Europe, learn Spanish in South America or maybe transfer to that out-of-state university. Wherever you want to go, can your finances take you there? A few tips to help you on your way:

  • Find a credit card with rewards that are beneficial to you. That may be frequent flyer miles, hotel points or cash back. Use (and pay off) this card to help offset that trip abroad.
  • Even with today’s technology, college still requires books. Instead of purchasing, look for rentals or visit a half-price book store. Look for online sources that offer free e-books for your on-the-go reading.
  • With a full course load, a busy schedule means eating out often. Be careful how much you spend when hunger strikes. Make a weekly meal plan and include healthy snacks. A grocery list will help refrain from overspending.
  • Love the latest fashion trends? College living doesn’t leave much to shop. Try a Fashion Swap Party. Ask friends to bring two or three garments and mix and match for some new things for your closet.
  • Last, open a savings account where you and your family can deposit into. You may find a rewarding surprise after all your birthdays and holidays.

Continue on this money saving path and you’ll find yourself where you want to be!


Have other financial goals in mind? Have a one-on-one over the phone consultation with our financial expert, D Newkirk. Call (214) 319-3044.

You Asked, We Answered: City CU's Q&A

While shopping over the weekend your City CU debit card did not work. You logged into your City CU Online Banking and had more than enough funds to complete your transaction. Seems like you may have a locked or frozen debit card.

Here’s why:

  • You may have missed a Fraud Alert call. A Fraud Alert call is made to report any suspicious activity that raised a red flag. For example, an unauthorized purchase in another state when you just used your debit card at a local grocery store.

Here’s who to contact:

  • If you missed this call and your debit card is inaccessible, visit our website’s Live Chat or call us at (214) 515-0100. Our Associates will explain the situation and release your debit card if it is not compromised.
  • If during this call a City CU Associate finds your debit card has been compromised, our City CU Associate and Fraud Department will work to secure your City CU account and debit card.
  • If your City CU credit card has been compromised, please call (888) 305-1063

To report your City CU debit card or credit card lost or stolen, contact City CU’s Live Chat via or call (214) 515-0100: press 2 (for all other questions), press 2 again (for questions about your debit or credit card).

For tips on how to protect your City CU account, visit our Security Center.

Walk-In Fridays in April

Need immediate financial guidance? Have financial goals that seem unattainable? City CU can help – and it’s free. Visit our Waxahachie branch any Friday in April from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM for a one-on-one consultation with our financial expert, D Newkirk.


Can’t make it on Fridays?
Schedule your one-on-one by calling D Newkirk at (214) 319-3044 or email at

We're mad about MAD! (Member Appreciation Day)

City CU invites you to join us to celebrate you on Member Appreciation Day! We’re so excited to show you how thankful we are for your loyal Membership and for allowing us to help make the difference in your financial well-being.

Join us for food, prize drawings, giveaways and more!

Come to one of our City CU branches from 10am – 4pm to celebrate you:

  • Friday, February 17
  • Friday, April 14
  • Friday, June 23
  • Thursday, August 24
  • Thursday, October 1

Drum Roll, the Results Are In!

We are happy to share the results of our March shoe drive for Buckner International. Together, City CU and Members collected 210 pairs of athletic shoes, 163 pairs of socks and $1,200 in donations.

Thanks to our partnership with the Dallas Stars, Buckner held a shoe drive on Victory Plaza before the March 20 hockey game. They collected 49 pairs of shoes and 63 pairs of socks. Buckner International also was the beneficiary of the Stars 50/50 raffle where they received a total of $6,488, including player Dan Hamhuis’s match. Now that was a definite “shot on” goal!

Shoes for orphan souls

To learn more about City CU’s Random Acts of Kindness and charity organizations, click here.

Financial Literacy is What We're All About

April is National Financial Literacy month and we love it. The best way to prepare for a healthy financial future is with financial education. Unfortunately, some of our financial experiences come without guidance and can leave lasting consequences, making us feel hopeless.

That’s where City CU comes in. We offer free financial counseling to Members and non-members. Our services include budgeting, credit repair, debt management, retirement planning and more.

This month our Financial Expert, D Newkirk, will be at our Waxahachie branch every Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. So stop stressing and get excited about a whole new beginning with City CU.


Learn about City CU’s Financial Education here.

April's Charity Feeds our Neighbors in Need

Our 75th-anniversary giving efforts continue this month as we support North Texas Food Bank. Almost 900,000 residents in north Texas don’t know where their next meal will come from.

NTFB provides more than 190,000 meals each day to hungry children, seniors and families. City CU will also collect for food pantries in Ellis, Cooke, and Grayson counties. Make the difference by joining us to donate nutritious, non-perishable items this month. Donation boxes are at all of our branches throughout the month of April.


Learn more about our Random Acts of Kindness here.