There’s Always Room to Grow, with a City CU Home Equity Loan

Life is full of unexpected surprises! Whether you need to replace a leaky roof or add an extra room for your growing family, City CU can help make that happen.

City CU’s home equity loan benefits include:

  • Quick loan process and approval
  • Exclusive support during home shopping
  • Competitive rates and closing costs


Start your application process here.

Ride Into the Future

Here’s simplicity at its best. City CU offers our Members the convenience of shopping for a vehicle on-the-go. With the AskAuto® app, our Members can get pre-approved in minutes, choose a vehicle, compare prices and drive away in their new vehicle. Talk about a ride into the future.


Learn more about our AskAuto app here.

Proactively Helping Our Communities

City CU’s Members and Associates made a difference in August, collecting for our local food banks, which included North Texas Food Bank, Gainesville’s VISTO, Four River’s Outreach in Sherman and Waxahachie’s Care Service.

Ntfb- august

City CU’s collection efforts raised 875lbs. of food to help feed those affected by Hurricane Harvey. City CU continues our collection efforts this month to help our local animal shelters.

Help us make a difference today. Learn more here.

You Asked, We Answered: City CU's Q&A

How to Make an Online City CU Loan Payment

To make an online City CU loan payment, first, register through the Loan Payment tab on our home page. Click on this tab to access the Web Payments Center to pay on loans where you are a primary owner or co-applicant. City CU accepts ACH payments (transfers from a checking or savings account) and debit/credit card payments.

Already enrolled but having a hard time accessing our Web Payments Center? Simply re-register using a new or existing email or contact a City CU Associate via Live Chat.


Dorm Décor On a Dime

You’re far from home with new roommates and a schedule full of lectures. Don’t fret, we have a few cool ideas to help you feel more at home.

  • Creative lighting can make all the difference. Visit your local dollar store and purchase LED string lights. Fill a vase or hang them behind sheer curtains or a canopy.
  • With limited space, it’s hard to get organized. Paint a few tin cups to hold pens, brushes or tools. Decorate cereal boxes and remove ¼ off the top either horizontally or diagonally to hold mail, important documents or reports.
  • Use under-bed storage and vertical space to your advantage.
  • Keep your family and friends close by hanging memorable pictures or make a collage.
  • If you travel, hang a map and pinpoint your destinations.


No matter how far or near, trends come and go. Decorate your dorm with practicality and with a dash of your personality. With those two key elements, you can decorate your dorm on a dime!

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National Dollar Day

What would you do with a dollar? Spend it, save it or donate it? Whatever you decide, remember a dollar a day can easily add up to hundreds, spending it well, leaves you a dollar short and donating it is a reward of its own. Let us know what you did with your dollar on National Dollar Day. Use #NationalDollarDay


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We're having a party!

City CU is turning 75 years old this month – and we’re having a party to celebrate!

Join us on Thursday, August 24 from 10AM to 4PM at any one of our seven branches. We’ll have food, giveaways and fun – and cake!

When you come see us on August 24, you can enter our drawing: each branch is giving away $750.

See you then!


Click on the link below for the Official Rules.


How to Prepare for Your Child’s College Education

Your kid graduated… kindergarten. She wore a robe, a cap and even received a diploma. Then it hits you- she will be graduating high school before you know it. How are you preparing to save for college tuition? Here are a few ways to save for your child’s college education.

  • How Much Do I Need to Save? High school counselors care about getting your child into college – you should care about how to pay for it. Get a free estimate on how much to save on sites like This calculator can give you an idea of what college will cost when the time comes.
  • Plan 529. These investment plans, also referred to as qualified tuition programs, receive special tax benefits. 529 plans are designed specifically to help families – regardless of income level- save for college expenses, such as tuition and books. Learn more about 529 plans here.
  • Options. You can also consider using a retirement account like a Roth IRA. A Roth IRA allows you to withdraw funds, without penalties, to pay for qualifying educational expenses. Scholarships are another way to help pay for college; more than 3.7 million college scholarships and grants are available. Start your search here.


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