How to register for eStatements

City CU provides free electronic account statements through online banking. eStatements are an efficient, secure and environmentally – friendly way to keep your statements.

  • Log into your City CU account.
  • Click on the eStatements tab.

Begin eStatement Enrollment Process:

  • Read disclosures
  • Click “Click here to get your Confirmation Code”


  • Enter your confirmation code inside the “Enter Confirmation Code Below” field
  • Click on “Agree” to continue
  • Confirm your eStatement delivery email*
  • Confirm your account type, account number and your statement delivery preference then select “Next”
  • Finalize your enrollment by clicking “Enroll”

For questions, contact us via Live Chat or (214) 515-0100.

* If you do not see the correct email, you must update the email under your account. To update your email, exit the enrollment process and go to your online banking home page. Select the “Profile” drop-down menu, click on “Email and Phone Number” to update your email. Begin your eStatement enrollment process from the beginning.