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How do I make an online loan payment?

While you can make a loan payment over the phone or in a branch, we make it really easy to do it without our help!

  • Easiest way: log into online banking and click “Make a Loan Payment” in the Services menu on the right. Follow the prompts to make a payment.
  • From our website: on the home page, click the Loan Payment button. This will take you to our Web Payments Center where you can pay on any loan where you are a primary owner or co-applicant.
    • You can set up recurring payments this way.
    • If you already enrolled in web payments but can't access the Web Payments Center, click "Forgot Password" and provide your email address.
  • From our app: on the Accounts screen, select your loan then "Make a Payment" to transfer funds from a deposit account. Alternately, select "Transfer and Pay" (bottom of the screen), select your loan and deposit account from which to make the payment.

City CU only accepts ACH (automatic clearing house) and debit card payments. 

To set up ACH payments - your payment always will be on time - click here and complete the authorization form.

To ensure your payment posts by the due date, allow at least two business days for processing.

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