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Is your password strong enough?

Tips for strong passwords

  1.  Passwords should be random and not based on personal information. (Everyone knows your dog's name, even cyberthieves.)
  2.  Use 12, 15 or 25 characters or a passphrase.
  3.  Include uppercase and lowercase letters.
  4.  Include at least two special characters in your password, like @ or %.
  5.  Avoid sequential numbers or patterns, like 123 or 246.
  6.  Use a unique password for each account, rather than the same one for multiple accounts.
  7.  If available, use a password generator to create a random (and likely stronger) password. 
  8.  Change your password often.

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Going Out of Town Soon?

We monitor debit and credit card usage for fraud. If we see a transaction out of your normal spending pattern, we may put a hold on your account. If you plan to travel, tap the Cards icon in the mobile app to set a Travel Plan.


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