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Courtesy Pay

A safety net when your funds run low.

Courtesy Pay is a cushion for when the unexpected happens. City CU extends this service to members with qualifying accounts.

Courtesy Pay applies to all transaction types, including overdrafts caused by checks, ACH payments, bill payments and other kinds of electronic payments.

City CU offers three options:

  • Opt-in for overdrafts caused by ATM transactions, one-time debit card transactions, checks, ACH and all other electronic transactions
  • Opt-in for check, ACH and other electronic transactions (but not for ATM and one-time debit card transactions)
  • Opt-out for all transactions: without Courtesy Pay, overdrafts will incur a non-sufficient funds fee.

Members pay a $30 fee each time City CU pays an overdraft through Courtesy Pay, with no limit on the amount of fees that can be charged in any one day. Courtesy Pay does not guarantee City CU will pay overdrafts. If City CU decides not to pay an overdraft, you will incur a $30 NSF fee.

For questions, contact us here or (214) 515-0100.

Courtesy Pay Opt-in and Opt-out Form

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