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Why doesn't my debit card work?

First, confirm you have available funds via online/mobile app. If you have the funds to complete your transaction, you may have a temporary block on your debit card.

Here’s why:

  • Because security is one of our highest priorities, we continually monitor card activity. When we detect unusual activity on a card, we temporarily block it for your protection and call you to verify the transaction.

Here’s what to do:

  • Contact us here or at (214) 515-0100. We can explain the situation and unblock your debit card if it is not compromised.
  • If we find your debit card has been compromised, we will secure your account and debit card.
  • To report your City CU debit card (or credit card) lost or stolen, contact us here or call (214) 515-0100 and follow the prompts.

For tips on how to protect your City CU account, visit our Security Center.

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