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Death Claims

Death Claims

City CU extends our deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one. We know this can be a challenging time for you and your family. We’re here to help you in every way possible.

City CU’s goal is to protect the privacy and wishes of our Members according to the signed Account Agreement. So we may require specific documents, court documents or involve processing from other official agencies.

Steps to take now

Contact us at (214) 515-0100 or and an employee will contact you within 24 business hours to review initial steps and to begin the process.

We strongly encourage sending personal information via secure email to keep your information safe.

To begin the process, you will need:

  • Valid picture identification
  • To be a current signer or beneficiary on the account(s)
  • A certified copy of the death certificate to submit an official deceased claim

We may ask you to complete additional bank forms depending on the circumstances.

Helpful information

If your loved one was receiving government payments by direct deposit from a federal paying agency (such as Social Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, DFAS or Civil Service), you must notify them of the death as soon as possible.

City CU is required to return any government payments made after the date of death in the decedent’s Social Security number. This can be a complicated and challenging process. Helpful numbers are below to assist in this process.


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